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Tell President-Elect Trump that you support inclusive federal contractors!

Log Cabin Republicans has been given an exclusive invitation by the Trump Presidential Transition Team to present a briefing outlining the reasons why maintaining the standing executive order preventing federal contractors from discriminating against the LGBT community is important and right for America — and YOU can play an important role!

When we present our white paper and briefing to the incoming administration of our president-elect, Log Cabin Republicans will include a list of individuals who support the executive order and oppose LGBT discrimination.

Republican, Democrat, or politically unaffiliated — it doesn’t matter; this is your chance to show your support for the LGBT community by signing the petition and getting your name in front of President Trump as an American who supports LGBT freedom.

But time is short — Log Cabin Republicans has guaranteed the Trump Transition Team that we will present our briefing prior to Inauguration Day.

Don’t delay — add your name to the petition right now!

Sign The Petition