Topic: United Nations

  • Washington Blade: Log Cabin President, U.N. Officials Discuss Chechnya

    Post | April 28, 2017

    In light of the atrocities committed against LGBT people in Chechnya, Michael K. Lavers of the Washington Blade covers the meeting between Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo and representatives of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.   You can read the full story at this link.

  • The Hill: Obama Can’t Ignore Human Rights Abuses In Iran

    Post | April 2, 2015

    The Hill’s reporters Gregory T. Angelo and Matthew Brooks highlight the human rights abuses that are happening in Iran, and why Obama can’t ignore them in his negotiations. Iran’s government treats woman, the LGBT community, and religious minorities like second class citizens or in some cases even executes them. To find out more please read […]

  • The Washington Blade: Gay GOP Group Criticizes Efforts To Broker Iran Nuclear Deal

    Post | March 23, 2015

    The Washington Blade’s reporter Michael K. Lavers discusses how the Log Cabin Republicans is urging Secretary of State John Kerry not to make a deal with Iran on its nuclear nuclear programs. The Log Cabin Republicans point out that the Iranians are guilty of terrible human rights abuses against gays, Jews and women. The Log Cabin Republicans want these addressed before the deal […]

  • Metro Weekly: Log Cabin Republicans Accuses Obama Administration Of Ignoring Iran’s Human Eights Abuses

    Post | March 20, 2015

    Metro Weekly’s reporter  Justin Snow discusses how the Log Cabin Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of ignoring Iran’s human rights violations against gay people and other minorities. United States and the Iranian government have avoided any serious discussion of the horrendous human rights abuses taking place in Iran. For more please read the full article here.