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  • Refinery 29: Why Aren’t More Female Celebrities Running For Office?

    Post | August 9, 2017

    A recent article by Refinery 29’s writer, Andrea González-Ramírez, discusses the reasoning why we don’t have more female candidates for political office. The article talks about LGBT Conservative Caityln Jenner’s possible run for US Senate in California, while Ramírez interviews Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Angelo about Jenner and women candidates in general. To read […]

  • Metro Weekly: Log Cabin – DOJ Actions Show Need for Federal Nondiscrimination Law

    Post | August 1, 2017

    Metro-Weekly’s reporter, John Riley, interviews Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Angelo regarding recent DOJ actions to re-interpret federal laws (Title VII) as not protecting sexual orientation as a form of discrimination. While news of DOJ’s actions were buried by President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban tweet, Mr. Angelo explains the seriousness of the situation and […]

  • US News: Trump Transgender Ban Nod to Christian Conservatives

    Post | July 28, 2017

    In a story published online by US News and written by Associated Press’ Steve Peoples, various LGBT organizations are asked about their take on President Trump’s Transgender Military Ban, including Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Angelo who explained LCR’s opposition to the ban and how this came as a shock to most of the […]

  • The Blaze Radio: Mike Opelka Interviews LCR President, Gregory T. Angelo

    Post | July 27, 2017

    Mike Opelka, also known as “Pure Opelka” when ‘on the air’, sat down with Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Anglo on The Blaze Radio show. In addition to Angelo’s normal introductory message about LCR and it’s mission to new viewers, he also tackles the tough questions regarding Trump’s so-called “Transgender Military Ban” tweet and […]