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  • Metroweekly: Log Cabin Condemns Bigotry in Response to Charlottesville

    Post | August 18, 2017

    In an exclusive interview with the Metro Weekly’s John Riley, Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Angelo discusses the events in Charlottesville and explains LCR’s direct condemnation of “the ideology of white supremacists who engaged in violence” and condemns anyone who would “perpetuate bigotry under a false banner of conservatism”. To read the full article, […]

  • Op-Ed: Investors Business Daily – Richard Cordray: Independent Regulator, Or Political Candidate?

    Post | August 10, 2017

    Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Angelo’s newest Op-Ed was published by Investors Business Daily’s online news site and discusses peoples’ ongoing displeasure with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (which was created by Democrats who hired mostly liberal bureaucrats) as its “independent” Director Richard Cordray is rumored to run for Governor of Ohio…as a Democrat. […]

  • Refinery 29: Why Aren’t More Female Celebrities Running For Office?

    Post | August 9, 2017

    A recent article by Refinery 29’s writer, Andrea González-Ramírez, discusses the reasoning why we don’t have more female candidates for political office. The article talks about LGBT Conservative Caityln Jenner’s possible run for US Senate in California, while Ramírez interviews Log Cabin Republicans’ President Gregory T. Angelo about Jenner and women candidates in general. To read […]