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  • Washington Blade: Christie Latest GOP Candidate to Declare White House Bid

    Post | June 30, 2015

    Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson writes about NJ Governor Chris Christie’s presidential bid on Tuesday. Christie has helped the LGBT community on some important issues, such as ordering the state to back away from an appeal after the NJ Supreme Court ruled marriage equality to be the law of the land in 2013. He also banned so-called conversion […]

  • Washington Blade: Lukewarm Response to O’Malley Presidential Bid

    Post | June 3, 2015

    Michael Lavers of the Washington Blade covers the tepid reception Democrat and former Governor Martin O’Malley has received since launching his presidential campaign, including comments from Log Cabin Republicans of Maryland Chapter Leader Michael Estève. You can read the full story at this link.

  • Washington Blade: N.C. Governor to Veto Anti-Gay Marriage ‘Opt Out’ Bill

    Post | May 29, 2015

    Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade reports on critical legislation coming out of North Carolina. Republican Governor Pat McCrory has promised to veto a bill that would allow magistrates to opt-out of performing same-sex marriages on the basis of religious beliefs. Though Governor McCrory declared his opposition to same-sex marriage, he also stated: “we are […]

  • US Corporate Backlash Hits Religious Freedom Bills

    Post | April 2, 2015

    Financial Time’s reporter Demetri Sevastopulo discusses how big corporations such as General Electric, Walmart and Apple are taking a stand against this religious freedom” laws because of the discrimination it causes against gays. This law is also effecting the 2016 presidential Republican candidates campaigns by making them answer a question they would rather have avoided […]