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  • NY Daily News: 5 CPAC Slams Against Hillary Clinton

    Post | March 2, 2015

    NY Daily News reporter Celeste Katz summarizes the major flaws that Hilary Clinton has and explains what the speakers at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) thought of here.  From The fact that Bill Clinton will be back in the White House to Hilary’s record at the State Department, it was all addressed at CPAC. To […]

  • New Republic: Can Republicans Finally Accept Gay Conservatives?

    Post | February 28, 2015

    New Republic’s reporter Sarah Kollmorgen discusses how the Conservative Political Action Conference of (CPAC) let Log Cabin Republicans host a talk this year. The gay conservative movement is becoming better understood by the Republican Party, and with that the Republicans are learning that there is more support then commonly though in their own party for gay marriage. […]

  • Baltimore Sun: Log Cabin Republicans Launch Maryland Chapter

    Post | February 5, 2015

    Baltimore Sun reporter Kevin Rector covers the launch of four new Chapters by Log Cabin Republicans, including the organization’s recently launched Maryland Chapter and its potential influence on the administration of the state’s new GOP Governor Larry Hogan. The story includes a quote by LCR Maryland Chapter Leader Michael Esteve. You can read the full story at this link.

  • Student Life: GOP Panel Discusses Marriage Equality

    Post | February 5, 2015

    Student Life reporter Noa Yadidi covers the recent panel discussion at Washington University in St. Louis on marriage equality and the GOP headlined by Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo, Meghan McCain, and Fred Karger, including mentions of the history of Log Cabin Republicans and the political landscape for 2016. You can read the full […]

  • Washington Blade: House GOP staying out of Supreme Court Marriage Cases

    Post | February 5, 2015

    Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson covers John Boehner’s statement that the House Republican Caucus does not plan to weigh in on the marriage equality cases headed to the Supreme Court of the United States, including commentary by Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director declaring his wish that President Obama showed as much deference to the House of Representatives as the House […]