Topic: Mike Pence

  • Fox News: Dems, media skewing Trump’s record on LGBT issues?

    Post | November 16, 2016

    Fox News covers the impact of the incoming Trump Administration on the LGBT community, including commentary from Log Cabin Republicans about the optimistic potential for President-Elect Trump’s administration to be the most LGBT-friendly in recent history. Read it all here.

  • The Advocate: Why the Log Cabin Republicans Didn’t Endorse Donald Trump

    Post | October 29, 2016

    The Advocate covers the Log Cabin Republicans decision to withhold endorsement of the Republican candidate for President, Donald J. Trump, based on the candidate’s selection of advisers with anti-LGBT positions, as well as the candidate’s own support for the First Amendment Defense Act. Click here for the whole story.

  • NBC: Despite Anti-LGBT Record, Pence Doesn’t Scare All Gay GOPers

    Post | July 16, 2016

    NBC News covers how Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence doesn’t scare away all LGBT Republicans. Log Cabin Republicans commented on why some may be withholding and why others are willing to support Gov. Pence. To read the article click here.