Topic: Marriage Equality (Page 3)

  • Metro Weekly: Hidden Lives

    Post | January 21, 2016

    Metro weekly reporter Rhuaridh Marr underscores the lack of anti-LGBT rhetoric in this year’s Republican primary race, contrasting it to past contest that were rife with such comments. Read the full article here 

  • Washington Blade: Pataki: GOP hopefuls hypocritical for backing Kim Davis

    Post | October 15, 2015

    Washington Blade’s Chris Johnson reports on former New York Governor and Republican presidential candidate George Pataki’s comments on Kim Davis, in which he dismissed other candidates supporting her anti-equality efforts and made the Republican case for equality. Read the full article here

  • Metro Weekly: Trumping the Competition

    Post | July 30, 2015

    Metro Weekly writer John Riley theorizes on why Donald Trump has managed to find himself on top of many Republican polls, including commentary from Log Cabin Republicans. You can read the full story here.