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  • Fox News: Dems, media skewing Trump’s record on LGBT issues?

    Post | November 16, 2016

    Fox News covers the impact of the incoming Trump Administration on the LGBT community, including commentary from Log Cabin Republicans about the optimistic potential for President-Elect Trump’s administration to be the most LGBT-friendly in recent history. Read it all here.

  • The Orange County Register: Did millennial apathy propel Trump election?

    Post | November 13, 2016

    The Orange County Register reports on the impact the millennial generation had on the 2016 Presidential Election with commentary from the Vice-President of Log Cabin Republicans of Orange County on what is holding back millennials from joining the Republican Party. To read it all, click here.

  • Sidewire: What Trump’s victory means for LGBTQ Republicans

    Post | November 10, 2016

    Sidewire covers a live chat with commentary from Log Cabin Republicans President, Gregory T. Angelo, about what President-elect Donald J. Trump’s victory means for LGBTQ Republicans. To read more, click here.

  • South Florida Gay News: Gay Republicans Celebrate Trump Victory

    Post | November 9, 2016

    South Florida Gay News covers the election of President-elect Donald J. Trump to become the 45th President of the United States, with commentary from several Log Cabin Republicans Broward County chapter members. Click here for more.