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  • Metro Weekly: Atlanta Becomes Ground Zero in Religious Freedom Debate

    Post | January 13, 2015

    Metro Weekly reporter Justin Snow covers the furor over religious liberty by the fringe right following the termination of employment of Atlanta’s Fire Chief after it was discovered he self-published a book with anti-gay remarks without informing city officials that he was doing so. Article includes commentary by Log Cabin Republicans on the balance between […]

  • Metro Weekly: Jeb Bush’s Softening Tone on Marriage Equality

    Post | January 6, 2015

    Metro Weekly reporter Justin Snow covers the sympathetic tone on marriage equality exhibited by potential Republican 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush, including commentary from Log Cabin Republicans on its implications for the greater GOP field of candidates. You can read the full story at this link.

  • Washington Blade: McConnell Assumes Control of Senate

    Post | January 6, 2015

    Washington Blade reporter Chris Johnson covers the new Republican majority in the United States Senate and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, including commentary by Log Cabin Republicans on what GOP control of the chamber means for Republicans as well as LGBT advocates. You can read the full story at this link.

  • Billings Gazette: GOP Criticizes Mead for Not Fighting Gay Marriage

    Post | December 18, 2014

    Billings Gazette reporter Laura Hancock covers the latest opposition by the Goshen County Republican Party to Wyoming’s recognition of marriage equality, including commentary by Log Cabin Republicans that highlights continued challenges to marriage recognition of committed same-sex couples puts GOP legislators and Attorneys General in conflict with the Party’s traditional tenets of fiscal conservatism. You can read the […]

  • KALW: San Francisco’s Prop. L: Are motorists being put at the back of the bus?

    Post | November 1, 2014

    Liz Pfeffer writing for KALW Local Public Radio in San Francisco explores the debate surrounding proposition L, a law that would make streets safer and more inclusive for all commuters, and includes comment from the proposition’s co-author Jason Clark, a member of Log Cabin Republicans of San Francisco. You can read the full story here.