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  • Maclean’s: Indiana’s Elephant In The Room

    Post | April 10, 2015

    Maclean’s reporter Jessica Murphy writes about how Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is bring up issues that the Republican Party doesn’t want to talk about. With big business and sports behemoths like NASCAR and the NCAA coming out against this bill, it shows that the legislation is lost. For more information please read the […]

  • CBS News: Business Leads The Way In The Fight For LGBT Rights

    Post | April 6, 2015

    CBS NEWS’s reporter Rebecca Kaplan writes about how the private sector is showing the public sector what is right. Business leaders have started urging states to add special protections for gays and lesbians in the religious freedom legislation. In some cases CEOs are going as far as to make efforts to block other state religious freedom bills they […]

  • US Corporate Backlash Hits Religious Freedom Bills

    Post | April 2, 2015

    Financial Time’s reporter Demetri Sevastopulo discusses how big corporations such as General Electric, Walmart and Apple are taking a stand against this religious freedom” laws because of the discrimination it causes against gays. This law is also effecting the 2016 presidential Republican candidates campaigns by making them answer a question they would rather have avoided […]

  • The Hill: We Need TSCA Reform Now

    Post | March 18, 2015

    The Hill reporter John Musella writes about the growing need for reform on the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). California’s ridiculous chemical labeling law is wrecking the state’s economy. What is needed is a common sense update to the federal chemical law. California has a lot to offer, but a road map on smart chemical regulations is not one of them. For the […]

  • Baltimore Sun: Log Cabin Republicans Launch Maryland Chapter

    Post | February 5, 2015

    Baltimore Sun reporter Kevin Rector covers the launch of four new Chapters by Log Cabin Republicans, including the organization’s recently launched Maryland Chapter and its potential influence on the administration of the state’s new GOP Governor Larry Hogan. The story includes a quote by LCR Maryland Chapter Leader Michael Esteve. You can read the full story at this link.