Topic: Jobs & The Economy

  • CNBC: Student debt is crushing dreams for this group

    Post | July 25, 2018

    A recent study shows that LGBT students reported higher levels of student debt and less faith in their ability to manage their debt. On top of this, many LGBT individuals lack the family support that their non-LGBT peers have and still face discrimination in the workforce.

  • The Hill: Democratic Obstruction of Trump Appointees is Political, Not Practical

    Post | March 26, 2018

    Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory T. Angelo writes about Democratic obstruction of the confirmation process that is holding up the appointment of the openly gay nominee for Ambassador to Germany, Ric Grenell, along with important members of the National Labor Relations Board. To read the whole story click here.

  • Op-Ed: The Hill: Donald Trump should fire Richard Cordray

    Post | January 5, 2017

    Gregory T. Angelo, the President of the Log Cabin Republicans, pens an opinion about discrimination in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and calls for the removal of the agencies director Richard Cordray. Read the full opinion at this link.

  • The Hill: We Need TSCA Reform Now

    Post | April 19, 2015

    The Hill’s reporter John Musella talks explains the need for reform on TSCA due to the fact that it is causing unnecessary problems in the economy. The law has had no effect on the states cancer rates, and is only really affecting the California business owners. For example California business owners have paid hundreds of millions […]

  • Orange County Register: Federal Toxics Law Needs Reform Now

    Post | April 18, 2015

    Log Cabin Republicans of California Chairman John Musella writes on why federal toxics law needs reform. Mr. Musella looks at how the law is carried out and if it is really helping anyone or not. This law requires companies like Starbucks to warn customers about cancer risks from coffee. A chemical called acrylamide forms naturally when […]