Topic: CPAC

  • MetroWeekly: CPAC 2017 – One Big, Happy Tent

    Post | March 2, 2017

    John Riley of MetroWeekly covers CPAC 2017, which was recognized by many as more inclusive of LGBT Republicans than at any other CPAC in history. You can read the full story at this link.

  • Hot Air: Gregory Angelo Of Log Cabin Republicans On Their Relations With CPAC

    Post | March 3, 2015

    Hot Air reporter Jazz Shaw writes about how the Log Cabin Republicans National Executive Director Gregory T. Angelo talks about how his group was able to take the role that they did at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). After talking about how the American Conservative Union almost stopped the Log Cabin Republicans from coming, Executive Director Angelo then explains the history of the […]

  • The Hill: Gay Rights Group Seeks Allies At CPAC

    Post | February 28, 2015

    Greg Angelo, Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans talks at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) about his organization. Executive Director Angelo explains the role Log Cabin Republicans has for advocating equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. To learn more watch the full interview here.